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Gabe’s 1st Day…

Posted by glovin33 on April 8, 2008

First….It’s my birthday. 31 baby.  I spent my morning in Rome and my evening in Israel.  What a great birthday…my dad even gave me $3 to buy a birthday drink before he went to sleep.

The first day was all travel, so this will be a short one.  The biggest thing I noticed was that the landscape of Israel is nothing like I thought.  It’s  so green and lush.  Agriculture everywhere.  Flowering bushes with brillant colors.  Mountains galour. 

We’re spending our first night at a hotel on the banks of the sea of galilee (pardon the spelling, never a strong point).  It was amazing coming over the ridge of the final mountain and seeing the sea sparking blue with the bright gold cliffs in the background.  Bigger is to think that Syria is just beyond those mountains and were throwing artilery over those cliffs just a short time ago. In listening to everything you begin to understand the history involved here.  From the Muslim settlements with concrete walls and barbed wire to the beautiful palms groves and wheat fields, I’ve got more to learn than all the books I read in preparation, bible included.  I’m excited, VERY excited.  I’ll pick this up tomorrow.  For now, time to sleep……zzzzzzzz

2 Responses to “Gabe’s 1st Day…”

  1. Megan Henningsen said

    Happy Bday Gabe (my time)!!! Sounds like you had quite the bday. I’m so excited for you. Reading your descriptions took me right back. Gives me the travel bug just thinking about it. Can’t wait to hear more. :) Shalom

  2. Chris Farmer said

    Happy Birthday Gabe! What a great way to turn 31! Have a safe trip, and I look forward to reading the updates. Sleep tight!

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