The Amazing Race Meets National Lampoon’s Vacation

Gabe’s Day 3…

Posted by glovin33 on April 10, 2008

I am begining to realize that I will need another month of vacation to catch this all.  We are seeing a TON of stuff and my brain is getting tired.  Everyone is….we are so tired that my family and I sat up laughing about stuff that wasn’t funny…and yes….50% of the conversation was poop related.  What can I say? It’s a major part of my life.

Anyway….Nazarath, Cana, Megiddo and Caesarea.  We started the day in Cana where all the couples renewed their wedding vows.  I missed Malika something terrible…we drank some jewish wine (way too sugary) and headed to Nazarath where the church dedicated to Mary was.  This was amazing. The church was built on the site of Mary’s house and every country that had catholics in it, had designed a mosaic for the church.  They were beautiful and creative.  The stained glass was sending light to every corner of the chruch in a variety of colors.  And on to Megiddo…For those that don’t know Megiddo is where the bible says Amegedon will occur.  25 cities have been built on the cite and 25 wars have destroyed them all.  The final one is still to come….On to Caesarea.  I was very excited for this one cause I just read a book about it.  Built by Harrod the Great, Caesarea had the largest port of its time. It was the home of Poncious Pilate and one of the weathiest cities in the area with a huge theater. I always love walking out on stage, but it really neat when the stage is 2000 years old. 

On to more important things.  I had the worst gas of my life today….the window of the hotel is perminantly open for now.  Hummus is reeking havic on my digestive system, or it could be the falafal.  Either way, it taste good going in….smells bad going out.  Alright.   Tomorrow…

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  1. DFJ said

    Gabe – NEVER Apologize for your bodily functions. It is your gift to the world.

    Keep on exploring, don’t say no to food you have never tried, and keep reminding your family that they still need to get to know you better every time you guys hang out. (but offer the same to them in return).

    Keep up the postings. I love them. I’m even forgiving the misspellings (but i’m a bastard, so i wanted to push that needle in a little bit… haha).

    I’ll comment as often as I can. Happy Birthday, bro. Hope 31 is more fun than 21.


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