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Gabe’s Day 4…

Posted by glovin33 on April 11, 2008

Ok…so i’m sure andy told you what we did.  So i can get into the good stuff. First of all, I’m having a blast.  All this stuff we learned about as kids or in college, or on my own, right here in front of me.  It’s neat to be with my dad in this place.  Every question i had, he has an anwser.  All the things I’ve studied….there they are.  I do kind of wish I could see more of the jewish and muslium sides of things, but we will not have time.  I’ve got 4 or 5 more completely packed days left and it will be a real trip. 

 So the palestinian/israel thing is a real freak out session. We crossed into bethlehem which we had to pass the border line.  Giant wall, Machine gun carrying guards, barbed wire, towers…….it was unreal.  The crazy part was that they bus driver would say, as a machine gun carrying guard would come on the bus, theses are americans, and he would leave.  We were let in.  No questions.  Yet our tour guide, a jew and israeli citizen was not allowed in.  Then as we talk to people , they all seem to love us.  So really….what’s going on?  Comercializm has taken hold and americans spend money.  Our group alone spend 1000’s of dollars. I know one person in our group spent over a $1000 on her own, let alone the rest of us.  So the bethlehem people love americans.  Is it that way in Gaza? 

This trip makes you think more than your used too…Religion, politics, history, relationships, family, friends….all in your mind…all the time.  At the end of the day your just wasted.  I’ve been thinking all day and there are no perminant answers, but i have my views.  And i now know what I want.  We’ll share that with on the solo front.

My favorite part of the day of the wailing wall.  An original part of the western wall of the temple in jerusalem.  I got to pray while touching an original part of the wall from Jesus’ time.  It was pretty cool to pray for my friends and family in such a holy place.  There was a special energy there that you could feel and sense.  I will remember it always.  

Ok….calling it.  I miss talking to my friends and family….especially Malika…..I will see or talk to you all soon…..

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Andrew’s Day 4

Posted by madtrippin on April 11, 2008

We had a crazy day tody.  We hit went to the church ascention (where Jesus was to have ascended to heaven.  On the way out, a arab kid handed me a olive branch and, unfortunately, I took it.  They expect to get paid.  I handed him a dollar and one of his little friends (maybe 5 or 6) wanted a dollar too.  I tried to give him a sheckel ($0.25) and he threw it back at me and followed me back to the bus asking to “give me… give me… give me.”  the whole way back to the bus.  It’s just pathetic.

Then we headed into the inner walls of Jerusalem.  We went to the Inside the inner walls of Jerusalemwestern wall / wailing wall, where people are praying.  It’s a high security area, so you have to go through a security check-point.

After that, we headed out to Bethlehem.  Our guide couldn’t come with, as Israeli citizens aren’t allowed in Palestinian areas by Israeli law.  We headed Security check-point on the way out of Bethlehemthrough the security wall picked up a new guide.  We visited the Church of the Nativity and Shepherd’s field.  I had no cell service in the Palestinian area, so I missed the call with my family – I was bummed.

 Here are the mullet hunting pics I promised to Maria.  The little kid in the middle had just been baptised at the Jordan river.  The guy in the middle of the other pic has a crazy mullet, but his camera strap blocked it little.  His female friend to the his left had a fe-mullet.  For this shot, Gabe offered to act as the faux photo subject, just in case he saw me taking his picture.

Mullet2Mullet 1

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