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Day 6….Gabe

Posted by glovin33 on April 13, 2008

Ok.  So today was a day.  We started with a Lutheran Church Service.  Which is just like every other lutheran church service i’ve been too in my entire life.  THe same songs the same order and the same everything…..You all need to come to the church malika has been taking me.  It gets out of that rut that is sunday services.  I just wish i could throw out all the hymnals and just enjoy a service that is inpirational and moving.  OK…done ranting….

I’m sure andy covered most of it so I’ll talk about Lillian….our tour guide.  We went to the holocost museum and she told us her story of living through the holocost and how her family lived through it.  She cried and it was good for all of us to put a face that we loved to the stories.  Then we went through the museum which was too much to handle in one day, especially with all the other tourists there.  But it’s important.  Very….

One thing that was a little weird today was all the israeli army everywhere.  I’m not used to seeing people with guns and today they were doing training.  Guns and troops everywhere.  Most were no more than 18.  And women with guns.  Men and women are the same in israel when it comes to the army.  So it was crazy with all the guns. 

This is a really great experience.  I wish you were all here.  Ok…i’m out. 

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Andrew’s Day 6

Posted by madtrippin on April 13, 2008

We started out the day with a church service at the only Lutheran church in the old part of Jerusalem.  It was built by Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm in 1910 or so.  That makes it a pretty new structure on old Jerusalem.


Later we headed to the Zion Gate and the upper room, which lays claim to the location of the last supper.  It’s really a very plain room, compared to many of the other sites.  I took a shot of the only stained glass in the room.  Interestingly, the writing on it is Turkish.  The image won’t load, so that will have to wait.


Our tour guide then took us up to the rooftops, where there were no tourists.  I took a couple of shots from there towards the Dome on the Rock.  Pretty cool.  There were also a couple kids up there flying a kite over the city.  Unfortunately for them, the wind died down, the kite crashed somewhere in the city and they were unable to retrieve it.


We also went down to the Holocaust museum, which was a little depressing and very crowded, but really interesting.  No cameras are allowed inside, so I didn’t bring my camera.  It’s unfortunate, because the architecture is crazy.  The museum itself is like a triangular peg balancing on a mountain peak.


My family decided to forgo the hotel dinner and we walked into the Arab/Palestinian neighborhood and find dinner.  It was nice to have good food and not have to deal with the crazy crowds.  It was also something of an adventure.


I also talked to Maria, Emma and Noah today.  I miss them a lot.

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