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Day 11…gabe…

Posted by glovin33 on April 18, 2008

We had a relaxing day today.  We rented two vans and drove around in the hills and villages around the outskirts of Rome.  It was really nice to see some real life and since there were villages, some things turned out kind of funny.  For instance….

The town of Frascatti. Notice the three breasts.  We saw these pastries all over town. They had ceramics too.  I was laugh so hard I couldn’t stand it. So I asked this girl selling them and here is the story…The town makes wine.  They drink a lot of wine.  So the women have three breasts.  Two for milk, one for wine.  And no, I’m not making this up no matter how bad I wish I did….


We also passed a bridge called the suicide bridge.  It was the tallest bridge in the area and apparently the favorite place of the area to kill yourself, so much so that they netted off the entire bridge.  Here is me taking my turn…





Ok, for the faithful blog readers….i promised a series of phallic pics…however, as you know my camera got stolen.  So I don’t have these pics anymore.  We took one today so you got an idea of how great these pics were….

There are a lot of columns and poles in israel. There were some really great ones at churches and a perfect one on the boat at the sea of Galilee.  This ones not the best but hopefully if will spark your imagination on how funny the prior ones were.  Me looking sad with a broken colunm.  Me with a short really thick colunm.  Me, giant smile, huge colunm.  Oh, and remember that we were in a muslim area….minarets everywhere…hehe.

Lastly…we were at the Papal summer home.  Andy and I wandered off and found this little hidden square….can you read the sign?  The word looks suspiciously like another word that I really appreciate. So I titled this pic, this in that.  It’s funny…so laugh.

That was my last day in Rome…we leave tomorrow and I’ll be home tomorrow night.  I’ll give one more rundown at the end of tomorrow when I’m sitting in my house. Chow Bella.

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  1. ShAnE said

    Lol @ u and the sign. Seems like something i would do.

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