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Duathlon?… Maybe? + REI deal

Posted by madtrippin on January 19, 2009

I was on the Gear West website ( and saw that registration is open for the Gear West Duathlon.  Looks like it goes a little something like this - 5k run/28k bike/4k run.  I’ve heard that the run is a little hairier than you’d expect, as it’s cross country, rather than a typical road course.

Duathlons may be my thing.  I’m not a strong swimmer and I felt like the effort I exerted in my first Triathlon swim really killed my bike and run.    I will admit that I like the challenge presented by the swim though.  I working on just being comfortable with it and finishing with plenty of energy and will power for the bike – rather than being nearly broken by it.

On a side note… I saw some pretty good deals on Pearl Izumi tri tops on REI’s outlet site.  I’ve read that Pearl Izumi isn’t really the best brand, but for $16, it might be worth a try.  They will probably sell out pretty fast.

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