The Amazing Race Meets National Lampoon’s Vacation

Why Do This Blog? – Original Explanation

We’re documenting a family vacation and we both have family and friends back home we’d like to keep up on our travels.  It probably sounds a little strange, as we’re 30 and 33 and going on a 2 week trip with our parents to Israel and then Italy.

What makes this blog unique?

The intention is to post pictures from our travels and write our own versions of the day’s events (assuming we have internet access at all of our hotels).  Even though we’re great friends and we always have a good time together, we’re very different.  Take a look at our bios and you’ll see what we mean – should be an interesting compare and contrast.

*Odds are Gabe’s entries will need to carry a parental warning from time to time.

2 Responses to “Why Do This Blog? – Original Explanation”

  1. Emma Holloway said

    Dear Daddy, 4/07/08

    I already miss you so much! Guess what? Mrs.Bedow said that i could share the pictures you put on the blog every day!
    Tonight for homework I had to find 2 Word Master defentions.

    gitcha gitcha goo means i love you! (Phineas & Ferb)

    Love,Emma P.S. tell grandma,grandpa & gabe hi. P.S.S. Noah says hi! and we all have a big kiss for you, Mom’s is the biggest plus slobberiest.

  2. Emma Holloway said


    from Emma, Noah& Maria

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