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Andrew’s Final Trip Post

Posted by madtrippin on April 21, 2008

I got home yesterday at mid-morning.  On Saturday we flew from Rome to NYC in a plane surrounded by a bunch of high-school kids who would not stop talking. 

I actually had to spend the night in New York, as my flight to Minneapolis wasn’t until Sunday morning.  Gabe and I caught the shuttle over to my hotel to check in and then hopped on the subway to meet his girlfriend in Manhatten.  The hotel shuttle driver actually drove us over to the subway line rather than the airport for a few bucks.  It saved us about 30-45 minutes and some cash, if we’d taken a cab.  I saw my first New York rat while waiting for the train.  Gabe made sure to point it out as a major milestone in the trip.

He gave me a quick tour of Times Square, as I’d never been to New York, except on a flight layover.  That place was crazy.  I bought some I Love NY tees for the family.  They were like 7 for $10.

We met his girlfriend at a rib joint.  It was great to meet her after having heard so much about her for the past year and a half.  He’s been talking about since before they started dating and it was non-stop while we were on the trip.  Everything he’s said is true – she seems very sweet.  Plus… she likes cracking on Gabe every once in a while, so that makes her good people in my book.

After that I headed back to the hotel, slept a couple hours and got up to head back over to the airport to catch an 8am flight to Minneapolis.  I slept through the entire flight… At least I think it was sleep, but it could have been that I passed out from the armpit odor of the guy sitting in front of me.

It was great to see my family, although I don’t think I was that much fun for the rest of the day.  I played with the kids at the park for a little while, but crashed on the couch after dinner, as I was a bit jet-lagged and I seem to have picked up a bug – most likely from the rats on the subway.

I’ll be posting a full trip re-cap some things I’ve learned over the course of the next couple weeks.  As this was my first overseas trip, I’ve learned quite a bit.

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Final post for the trip…Gabe

Posted by glovin33 on April 20, 2008

We flew across the atlantic and made it to NYC.  Last night my brother and I got to hang in NYC a bit.  I got to show him my city a little bit.  But more important, he got to meet Malika.  Andy and I met her in Time Square and had a bite to eat.  It was nice, and i think he approves.  I got to show him the soup man’s store (from seinfeld), the nyc library (from ghostbusters), the empire state building (james and the giant peach).  It was good for only having 2 hours or so.  We got ribs.  Mmmm….ribs….  it was a good way to end the trip, got to see Jeruselm (oldest), Rome (middle) and NYC (the baby).   

All’s said and done….

What a great trip!  It started with my brother and I at JFK alone, and ended with my brother and I at JFK alone.  Couldn’t be more fitting. I learned and grew, made some important decisions in my life and I couldn’t be happier…

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