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Entries made prior to the trip including pre-trip thoughts and preparations.

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Posted by madtrippin on April 6, 2008

Tomorrow is the big flight.  The taxi service is all set up for the morning.  I think I’ve got everything ready to be packed.  I’m going to miss my family, but I’m excited.

Talked to Gabe this morning and I’ll be talking to my parents to coordinate tomorrows events.  I don’t think Gabe or I will be able to make an entry tomorrow, unless I can find a wifi connection in Kennedy Int’l airport.  Otherwise, we’ll be in the air most of the day and won’t really be anywhere until Tuesday.

I just put Emma to bed for the last time before the trip.  We had plenty of tears.  The first couple days of me being away will probably be pretty hard for her, but she’ll be just fine.  They’ll probably call most days and I’ve told her to email me every night about her day.

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3 Days to Go

Posted by madtrippin on April 4, 2008

Only 3 days until the big trip – the flight leaves on Monday at 7:00.  I’m still trying to figure the last few things I’ll need.  I keep hearing that you need to keep it light, but we’re talking about a 2 week trip here.

Today I arranged to rent a global cellular phone from Daystar Wireless.  International rates for my T-mobile from Israel are insane – $2.99 a minute.  With the rental, they send you a phone with an global SIM card and it will work from most any country and incoming calls are free.  Originally, I’d intended on using Skype to communicate with my wife and kids, but there just wasn’t enough flexibility with the 7 hour time difference.

This weekend I’ll be picking up the last few odds and ends, packing bags and making sure the borrowed laptop I’m taking will work (thanks again Adam).  I’ll also be arranging a cab to get me to the airport at that insane hour of the morning. 

The first flight will be taking me to New York to meet up with my brother and parents, then off to Rome and then Tel Aviv. 

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