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Increasing My Time

Posted by madtrippin on February 3, 2009

I’m starting to increase my run durations.  I’ve been doing a 1 minute warmup walk, followed by a 30 minute run and 3:00 cooldown walk.  As of yesterday, I ran 32 minutes.  I’m thinking of just adding a couple minutes to each cardio workout every week.

I hate cycling indoors, so I’ve been ignoring it.  I’ll be adding that back into my workouts. It’s just sooooo stinking boring.   For some reason, running indoors doesn’t bother me so much.  I’d rather run outside, but I’m o.k. with the treadmill.

I’m trying to get at least 3 workouts a week in while the weather is crappy.   That way I can swim twice with a run or bike after and run and/or bike on the third.

Once the weather turns, I’ll be back to 5 days.

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Back to the Training – Again.

Posted by madtrippin on December 2, 2008

So I’ve been training only sporatically over the last 2 months – averaging about once per week.  It sucks, as I end up with sore muscles after every session.  This week I’m going to 3 workouts a week – at least until the weather gets a little nicer.  That could be a while here in MN, but 3 should be sufficient to keep me into decent shape.

I’ll try and do more entries to keep me honest.

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It’s Race Day…

Posted by madtrippin on July 19, 2008

So it’s 5:15 a.m.  The race starts at 7:30 and I’m sitting at the computer.  I’ve got my bag ready to go and just brought my bike to the front porch.  Ben and Michael will be here at 6:00 to pick me up.  Now I’m feeling nervous.  I’m ready to rock though. 

I’ve downed a bunch of water and I’m now eating a banana.  I’m hoping that will be good enough until my energy bar before the race. 

Let’s do this!

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My First Triathlon is in 2 Days!

Posted by madtrippin on July 17, 2008

Wow!  This is coming up quickly.  I’m just hoping the weather holds.  Yesterday it was saying 40% chance of thunder storms for Saturday and now it’s showing 30%.  It would really stink if there was a thunder storm and the tri got cancelled.  Man… that would be a let down after all the training and preparation.

Last night I broke down and bought a tri shirt.  I wasn’t going to, but changed my mind last minute.  I was back at Start Line last night, where I bought my shoes, to pick up a pair of Yankz laces for my shoes and found a deal on a Sugoi Fuel Tri Shirt in Cobalt, so I bought it.

For those of you who don’t know, a tri shirt is made to be worn for all three events.  This one is basically a tank made of spandex (and other fancy space age materials).  In comparison to a cycling jersey… it’s tighter, the material is thinner, the zipper goes about 3/4 of the way to your wast on the front of the shirt and the pockets are smaller, tighter and on each side of the back, instead of all the way across.

I actually tried it on, which is very unlike me.  It’s a good thing I did, as all the fitment guides online seem to put me in a Medium.  I put on the medium and it was so tight you could see my chest hair through the shirt.  I didn’t come up with that one… it was actually the sales woman’s comment.  It was so tight that when I tried to take it off I had to pull it down over my shoulders and step out of it, instead of pulling it over my head.  So large it was.  Now I’ll look like a pro and, hopefully, not perform like a rookie.

The Yankz lacing system is basically elastic laces that you put in your shoes and adjust to fit.  Then you just pull your shoes on and you don’t have to tie them.  It’s supposed to speed up your transition time.

Today I’ll be purchasing the rest of the materials to make the Team Triple H Flag for our transition area.  Then tonight I’ll do my swim, lube up the bike (she’s all degreased already) and put the flag together.

An interesting idea was brought up today via email by my teammates.  We really haven’t talked too much about any of us beating one another in the race.  Sometimes Michael and I mention that Ben will whoop both of us in the swim, but no one has mentioned who might actually have the best time.  Now there’s been a wager placed.  The loser must buy a round.  It’s getting interesting.

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July 4th Weekend

Posted by madtrippin on July 7, 2008

I did an 8 mile ride Thursday night and then did nothing on Friday (the 4th).  We (my family) was invited to our neighbors’ party, so we hung out there all day and then had a monster fireworks show in front of the house.

Saturday we went to the outlaws’ house for the day and hung out in the yard.  I left before my family (I took the motorcycle) and had enough time before they go home to do a quick 3 mile run on the street.  It was the first time on the street for the new kicks and they did their duty.

Sunday it was 90+ degrees and humidity had to be in the insane range.  I wound up at the community center pool.  I did 15 laps – not fast and not consecutive.   I then ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill and added a few reps with the weights.  My arms were like linguini from the swim, but I felt pretty good overall.

This week I’ll be focusing on swimming stamina.  I’m throw in a run or bike route here and there, but I need to improve my swim.

I was talking with the other members of Team Triple H via email this morning and they were relaying their long weekend workout routines.  I think this helps keep you training and not skipping a workout if you have to share what you did – unless you want to lie to your friends – teammates – brothers. 

We were also talking about consuming energy gels during the race.  Michael said he tried Clif Shot energy gel and it was pretty good.  The question of what do you do with the spent packet if you’re on the bike came up. 

We also briefly discussed clipless vs. running shoes with toe clips.  Ben and Michael both have clipless pedals, while I’ll be sporting the running shoes and toe clips. has an article on transitioning with clipless pedals, but it seems complicated for a first race.  I think I may have the edge in transition.

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