The Amazing Race Meets National Lampoon’s Vacation

About Gabe


Age: 31
Marital Status: Single/But with a HOT girlfriend (now engaged to the hot girlfriend)
Children: Nope
Schooling: Private College - BA Dance/History
Housing: Rents an apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Career: Executive for Target
International Travel Experience: Greece/Turkey (2007) and now Israel/Italy (2008)

Fond Memory of Andrew

It was Andy’s roomates graduation and I came to visit him from my college.  We went to the bar and had a really great time just hanging out, drinking beers and colorado bulldogs.  We walked home like the responsible young men we were.  About an hour into sleep, I got sick and ran to the bathroom to vomit. After a while he came to check on me and between the smell and sight of his little brother sick, Andy got sick too.  I shared a toilet with my brother that night and learned a very valuable leason, padded toilet seats are the BOMB!!!

2 Responses to “About Gabe”

  1. Melissa said

    Happy Birthday tomorrow, Grabeleo! Man, you’re going to be old. It seems like just yesterday you would cry when I wouldn’t share my Strawberry Shortcake dolls with you.

    I’m bummed I’m not there with you guys, but I know you’ll have fun without me (maybe more fun since I won’t be there to say things like “no, Gabe, you shouldn’t try to get the Mossad to think you’re a terrorist”.).

    Enjoy your travel day (HA!) and your birthday.

  2. Maria Holloway said

    Hey Gabe – regarding your fond memory of Andrew… I was there, too. My fond memory was of you saying that you were “gonna die” and that I should call for an ambulance. I was slightly intoxicated and oh-so-concerned and shared my concerns with your brother. He reassured me that you were fine…just drunk. I didn’t feel so bad for your sorry butt after that and felt comfortable leaving you to enjoy the comfort of the padded toilet seat. Ah, the memories…
    (No need to post, just wanted to share that with ya!)

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