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New Saddle

Posted by madtrippin on July 3, 2008

Went and bought a new saddle for the old Cannondale on Tuesday night.  I actually did some research and then wound up buying a take-off from Bokoo bikes.  It’s a Bontrager – not sure of the model, but the sales guy told me it came off a $4,000 Trek.  I tossed it on the bike and did some quick test runs around the block.  Turns out it’s way more comfortable if I pull the seat forward a few more inches than I was riding the stock Vetta.  I did about 10 miles yesterday and felt no ill effects yesterday or today.

Here are the specs on my bike…

1989 Cannondale 3.0 aluminum frame and stock aluminum forks, Shimano 105 components (14 speed), purple anondized Sun aero rims with 105 hubs, Bontrager saddle, modolo handlebars, 105 pedals with toe-clips.

I’m the original owner of this light, stiff-framed bike.  I bought her when I was 15 and she’s been a great bike.  I have no idea how many thousands of miles I’ve put on her over the years.

This weekend WILL include an open water swim. 

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Weekend Workout – New Kicks!

Posted by madtrippin on June 30, 2008

Friday night was a bust workout-wise.  I was home with the kids with no back-up, so there was no getting away with a workout.  Again… Saturday was a ran-out, so the kids came with me to Start Line to get a new pair of running shoes.  The $29.99 Avias have served their purpose, but I need something a little more supportive now.  I wound up with a pair of Adidas SuperNova Sequence for a pretty fair price.  I ran in them for a couple tenths on the store’s treadmill and they were plenty comfy.

Sunday morning went by way too fast, but I was able to get in a ride with my Triple H teammate Ben in the afternoon.  We loosely followed a good portion of the actual tri route + to and from our houses, so it wound up being a little over the 16 miles the actual race will cover.  It should be a good ride if the wind isn’t too wild.  It’s got a heavy mix of decent hills and most of the roads are respectable.

The open water swim didn’t happen – not enough time, so it will have happen next week.

I’ve found that some investment in equipment would make things much nicer – Clipless pedals, shoes, aero bar, moving the shifters up off the downtube and new tires.  At the moment… I’m thinking I’ll only be getting the new tires before the race.  It’s really more a matter of safety and finishing the race without a flat.  It’s starting to make me angry that I’m on the email list for Performance Bike.  I had a conference call with their internet marketing team last year and signed up to see what they had going before the call and never unsubscribed.

I’ve been thinking about how much energy I’ve put into training for this thing and thinking I may need to do at least one more tri this season just to say I’ve gotten my effort’s worth.  I was surprised to hear Ben say the same thing when we were on our ride.

The only problem with doing more races is that it may require me to pick up that extra equipment I was just mentioning.

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45 Minute Run to Make Up

Posted by madtrippin on June 27, 2008

My training plan had me doing a 45 minute run last night.  I didn’t do it.  On Wednesday I did a 30 minute swim at 5:30 in the morning and then did a 45 minute bike ride + a short mile run after (bricking).  I was whipped yesterday, so I skipped the workout.  Now I’ll have to do the run today after work, but before I pick up the kids.  No big deal.

On sunday I’ll be doing my first open water swim, followed by a 60 minute ride.  Should be a good time.

Yesterday I got my tri shorts from Aevero in the mail.  I got a great deal… $19.50 + $3.00 for shipping.  It only took about 3 days to get them.  I also got a free pair of gel-padded cycling gloves with my order.  I’m not so sure of the comfort/quality of the gloves, but the shorts seem top notch.  I’ll test them out Sunday during my workout and report back.

I also got all the preliminary info for the race.  That will give me the opportunity to ride/run the course a few times before the big day.  I’m amped.

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